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Conveniently located in the East New York section of Brooklyn, NY. We are here for one simple purpose - to help you and your family to rise to your potential and to provide you with a means of reaching your goal regardless of your present situation.
All you have to do is take the first step.

The Community Multi-Service Center -
We offer dignity and hope to all, so that no persons sleep on the streets of our community.
PH: (888) 629-2854
Domestic & International Shipping

We can ship virtually anything to virtually anywhere in the world, so it doesn’t matter if you’re sending a letter to Lincoln, or a sofa to Siberia—WE CAN HANDLE IT!

As a multi-carrier shipping center, we give you options!

   * Overnight for Early am, 10:30 am, Noon, or Afternoon
   * Two Day delivery-Guaranteed
   * Three Day delivery-Guaranteed
   * Ground service to any address in the US (2-8 days)-
   * First Class Mail
   * Priority Mail
   * Parcel Post
   * International service to over 200 countries
   * Ship, Freight and Air Cargo services
   * Also, we ship automobiles & pets

   Get FREE Barrels
             When You Barrel Ship
          in Service & Dependability                              

   Not sure if you can ship it? Call us!